Crashes, communication errors, and failed prints.

SO, I have a RPi2 running octoprint. Connected to an Arduino Mega / Ramps 1.4 based printer running Repetire Firmware. Over the last week or two, the printer would freeze and kill the print at random points during the print. I noticed that the logs for the octoprint said there was a connection issue, that it can happen during long commands, and that it was unable to reconnect. For me to reconnect I have to turn off BOTH the octopi and the printer. An other thing, is that the display on the printer turns bright white. Also, when the printer is off, and connected to the octopi, the arduino is getting power from it so its running. When I turn the printer on (its relay controlled by the octopi), the display get much brighter. Could this be a voltage issue? As if its getting voltage from both sources? I can print successfully using my laptop (Windows 10) and Repetire Host. Im not sure where to start looking to troubleshoot this. As it seems random, and was working fine a few weeks ago.


  • Sounds like something in usb connection breaks at some time and only repowering helps. Unplugging usb cable and turning off printer should be enough here. PIs power is not the most reliable so that could be part of the problem. Often using a powered USB-hub between printer and pi does wonders. Or make your board use internal power only if possible. A better power source for pi might also help.
  • Im using a ramps 1.4 board, and arduino mega.... Any idea how I can force it to use the internal power only? I tried getting the Pi2 to turn off USB power for the reason, but I am unable to do that.

  • Looks like I can make it run off of JUST the USB, but I cannot negate the use of USB power. Im wondering if I just lift the power pin on the USB jack on the arduino...
  • I'D rather use a active usb. Playing with power pins get shoot back to your pc and you might lose a usb port. My mac has only 3 of 4 usb ports after a power incident (defect printer power in my case).
  • I think I have found the issue. D1 had a VERY high resistance in both directions. I swapped it out, and moved from a 1.8amp power supply to a 3amp power supply. I think the combonation of a bad diode and an unsatisfactory power supply may have been causing my problems all along.
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