Prusa i3 firmware

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I've done it but I need config.h file.
if you have which is configurated, please share.


  • I would love if someone had the config aswell,  i have a Prusa i2 with some upgrades but it runs pretty mutch the same firmware settings except some small changes,

    If i find it i will post here :)
  • Even for prusa there are hundreds of configurations. It all depends on what board you used, where you connected what, substepping, pulley diameter, belt, thermistor type, voltage and which speed profile you prefer. Best is to use online config tool and answer board/pins questions and some basic questions. Leave the complicated stuff for later, since everything has defaults that work on most printers. Then you should have a firmware that you can upload and connect with and which should move head. Then start testing every function e.g. if speeds work, end stops work (M114 for showing state).
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