Cooldown required prior to next print

I often have a new gcode ready to go immediately following a print completion.  If I attempt a print "soon after completion" the heaters both switch on for a short period and then soon shut off.   In order to start the next print both ( I think ) the HPB and extruder need to cool to about (?) 70C and 150C to permit the next print start.  Annoying to say the least.
Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix available ?


  • In general a cooldown is not required. Recently we had a case where M190 did not exit since the target temperature was never reached without prior cooldown. Reason was a bad calibrated extruder temperature control. Latest repetier-firmware dev version has a fix for this to exit after 2 minutes in such cases. Correct temperature parameter calibration would be the preferred solution of course.
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