Allow EEPROM to be written or not using a definiitive command

The current method of refreshing or not refreshing the EEPROM uses a toggle command.  While this may be sufficient or desirable for many users, it can be confusing when you are actively trying to get the firmware tailored to your situation and making minor changes to the config file as well as repeated passes through the configurator.  In these cases, an option within the configurator and the config.h file to clearly update or not update the EEPROM is preferable. 

Along with the possible uncertainty that the EEPROM is refreshed, there is also the very real situation that many users do not know when it is necessary to refresh it. 

Another option would be to document exactly how the toggle mode works, when it works and when it doesn't! 


  • It is not really necessary to change EEPROM_MODE every time. A 
    would do the same if you need to recopy config values.
  • I ran into this issue again recently, when I was testing other FW options in anticipation of a hardware change.  I noticed that when I looked at the EEPROM setting there was a DISABLED option that I don't remember seeing last summer. 

    Does the DISABLED option write the EEPROM each time the FW is compiled?

    If so, is the option available in the FW of last July, so that all I have to do is set the EEPROM setting to a different value, and recompile the version from that I have been using (or do I have to DL new firmware)?
  • You could disable eeprom since it was added. Then no eeprom is used at all.
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