What Does Repetier Host Need To Connect To Boards With ATMega1284P 16MHz Chips?

I bought two RepRap Prusa I3 printer kits from different vendors.  Both vendors sent Repetier Host with the software supplied with the machines, so I am guessing that the boards are configured with Repetier firmware.  When either of the printers are connected to my PC, the Device report says "Unknown UART".  One board is the Melzi 2.0, and the other  printer has a totally unidentified board with an ATMega1284p 16 Mhz chip.  I cannot find drivers for these chips to add to the Tools board in the Arduino IDE either.
So - I don't know what is missing or where to find it.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

William Robertson


  • Melzi could be FTDI chip based. You find the drivers on their homepage. The other could by a Teensy related board meaning PJRC driver required.
  • OR it could be that like me you don't have a Melzi v2 with a "fake" ftdi chip at all you have a Melzi v1 8Mhz which they are dishonestly claiming to be v2 16Mhz boards. It IS POSSIBLE to upload Repetier Firmware 0.92.9 to this board using Arduino 1.04 or 1.8.5 (as Ive discovered after a year of trying to work this out, no thanks to fkn China!) using Lauszus Add-on Sanguino files v1.00 - I'm not saying other files won't work Im saying Ive proven that THESE files worked for me and without me loading any wierd drivers, I believe I had FTDI 1.12.28 installed & hadn't done anything with the  CP210xx or FTDI Drivers which seem to come with the 1.8.5 IDE but weren't in the folders of 1.8.8 download?! The extent & range of variations of standard components/setup points firmly to cock fights in the computer industry. One side does EXACTLY the same thing as the other side has been doing for decades & 3D Market Hijackers throw their toys outta the pram, sabotaging everyone's newly purchased Printers thus undermining sales **even of their own products** eg. accessories/ filaments rather than tackling those who are the REAL offenders. It's all completely exhausting.
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