Z probe... How to define the 3 Points?

I have been PULLING out the last of my hair... I have defined 3 point that are within the 240 x 140 bed on my Cloner. How ever... when I start an auto leveling... it goes to point 1... NO PROBLEM... point too is a little more off... then point 3.... in centered in the X but crashes into the Y max... What am I doing wrong? are the points ACTUAL points? or are they the location COMPARED to the previous point? Thanks for any help. I hope im not bald by the weekend... its suppose to be sunny out.


  • They are points and normally you forgot that they are stored in eeprom when they are not where expected. Just change them in eeprom editor!
  • So, I did as you said. I updated the EEPROM. So now it doesn't crash on the 3rd point. What it DOES do is it tries to go past the MIN switches for a second, then moves to the first point. BUT.... If I have NOT homed the X,Y it promptly moves to the first point without the intial crash that it does when it is already X and Y home. 
  • Do
    G1 X100 Y100 F6000
    before starting autoleveling. My guess is that your z probe position is such that activating it on 0,0 crashes it past limit switch.
  • Thank you, that's exactly what was happenening. Even if I had it already homed, it would try to re-home PAST the current position. I put in the G1 X100 y100 F6000 it would move to the X100 and y100, THEN it would re-home and start as if it was normal... As we all know so far... my printer... is NOT NORMAL! 
  • I can not follow. You don't have a delta or why should it home when starting autoleveling? Only deltas home and then all types activate probe and go to first test position.
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