AUTOLEVEL - Homing with Z-PROBE and Servo

I want change from Marlin to Repetier but i have a problem.
Marlin can use z-probe as z-min because the servo react automatically on a homing command.

repetier manual say:  if i use z-probe with a servo then i shall have NOT Z-Min Endstop ONLY a Z-Max Endstop.

My Z-Axis is 600mm long - it´s can be not true that i must go down 600mm only for homing ????

Is there another solution? - maybe with z-min endstop ?


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    From this thread, @Repetier said:
    Homing with z probe must have z min pin = z probe pin and you must z home only at x=y=0 or your bed rotation adds an error.
  • Use dev version. This has some improvements here. x = y = 0 is not required any more and it will now engage z probe start/stop sequence as required with servo.
  • Yes, it works perfect - Homing (G28) works nomal with Z-Min Endstop and after G32 the new Z level is set and the Z-Min Endstop is out of funktion. Thank You - now i can change to Repetier ;-)
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