Request About Jam Detection

I'm testing the jam detection on the 0.92.9 release. 
It works very well.

Is it possible to:
- Enable detection only for printing?
During a manual extrusion, if the jam is detected, the head moves to at his pause position. Often the home positions have not been initialized at this time, and the motors don't like.

- On LCD menu, have the opportunity to disable detection. It can be helpful for flex materials, or malfunction of the detector.

- During printing, when the jam is detected, have the opportunity to stop printing. If the jam cannot be corrected, the time between 2 detection is too short to stop printing. The unique solution is to shut down the printer.

Thanks for your good job.


  • Development version has some jam improvements like allowing bigger steps (>32000) for errors and not jamming on retracts as filament changes do.

    - M604 X<slowdownSteps> Y<errorSteps> Z<slowdownTo> T<extruderId> - Set jam detection values on a per extruder basis. If not set it uses defaults from Configuration.h

    should help with flex material. Increase slowdown/error steps for these materials. Nearly a disable especially with high values possible in dev version.

    A disable command might be a simple solution. Have to check if it is easy or if some functions will enable it on their own.

    Not sure what your last point is. Currently we pause so you can continue print. Not sure why I should want to automatically stop - this can always be done by users.

    In future I want to get more freedom here especially in combination with server or host, so it is not handled any more only firmware or only host side. But that is not easy.

  • Thanks for Your Answer

    Increase the detection distance to fit all situations avoids the stops, but it increases the lack of material on parts in case of jam detection. The ideal would be to change the values ​​or disable detection without having to upload the firmware each time. But I understand that it's not necessarily feasible.

    My last point concerns the opportunity to stop printing in the jam menus.

    When the jam is detected, only one choice: "Click to reheat extruders". If you want to stop printing because you don't manage to solve the jam, you can’t.

    In the next menu, you only have 2 choices:

    "Change filament, Rotate to move, filament up / down" and "click when done."

    To stop printing, you must continue printing and select> SD card> Stop print> Stop print Yes. This must be done before a new jam detection, which can be very short depending on the detection sensitivity and the printing speed.

  • This part is subject to change in future. I want more flexibility here. But that has to wait a bit for other things to finish first.
  • I wish you luck.

    ( For information, I use this detector: )

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