Development branch Sketch uses 99% of program storage space. What's next?

I feel that in near future after checking out new commits from development branch the compiled sketch will be greater then 0x1F000 (0x20000 - 0x1000). I am a little worried about this. What is taking so much in firmware size? Is it possible to reduce it? As far as I understood, by default Arduino builds sketches with -Os optimization.


  • We even exceed it so you would need a Mega 256:-) What takes much are the translations. Here you can limit to 1 language and reduce 40kb I think. User interface is the biggest part, having graphic display it is even worst. Other big thing is eeprom, but you won't want to miss that. Many function require it.
  • Looks like it might be possible to shorten various of the less used strings to possible good effect in this context, at least for the moment.
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