About Autoleveling for Delta 3D printer

Hi guys:

I'm building my delta 3D printer, and my repetier-firmware vision is 0.92.9...

i followed the video from the official website to do Z-leveling ( Z-Leveling for Delta Printers with Repetier-Firmware) 

My procedure is (Just copy from the video)

-> M321
-> G131
-> M99 X0
-> M99 Y0
-> M99 Z0
-> G132 S1
-> G32 S2

and than next command is G29, followed the video, the machine will get n*n correction matrix.

But, it just done 3 points measurement....

I don't know what i can do, i just want to follow the video and get the correction matrix.

Please help me, thx!!


  • Same problem
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    Same thing happened to me.  Instead of G29,  use G33 to do bed distortion correction.  It will do the correction matrix and correct it and save to eeprom automatically.
  • Hi Boksbox:

    Thanks for your support.

    Now, my printer is working....thx!!
  • G29 is 3 point measurement and was then used for distortion correction if compiled in. This was confusing so we moved the command to G33, but thanks for the hint that we need to change the info in tutorial.
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    I had trouble at first when I did G32 S2 and then straight to G33.  My prints were always thicker by around 0.2+mm

    I had to redo everthing again but now I noticed Zmax height changed to wrong height(approx. 0.2+mm higher than actual) after autolevel G32 S2 so I had to change it in eeprom to actual Zmax height.  Maybe this is where the thickness error comes from?

    Then I ran G33 and I noticed the x,y probing points are offset by some value although I set 0 as offset. I later noticed this strange offset is the value of x,y when autolevel is on. 

    The bed is now nice and flat and it prints well but now when I home, the X and Y are not 0 and Z is not the same as Zmax in firmware when autolevel is enabled.  

    Is this normal?

    < 12:19:22 PM: Info:Autoleveling disabled
    < 12:19:23 PM: SelectExtruder:0
    < 12:19:23 PM: X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:243.550 E:0.0000
    < 12:19:23 PM: Info:Autoleveling enabled
    < 12:19:23 PM: X:1.51 Y:1.21 Z:243.542 E:0.0000

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