New Z probing Design(temporarily disable endstop)

Hi guys 
I have designed an auto leveling technique which uses a switch inside the extruder mount for z-probing , thus no need for the servo. my switch is connected to the Z_max endstop pin . At the moment without the z_min endstop(used as z axis endstop) connected it works fine. I am looking for a way to disable the z endstop with Gcode before I run the G29 for auto leveling.


  • Autoleveling is G32 wirh S2 if you want to store results. G29 only measures average height from 3 points.

    I have a felix pro and this printer also has a switch inside extruder. There we use it as z-min endstop AND z probe and it works fine. Only thing is that it needs to be hot to prevent problems with ooze changing results.

    Z-min endstops and autoleveling do not really work as z min must trigger at lowest point of bed, so having it inside extruder and use that for z min solves the problem. But homing z max is still preferred. So try using z probe as z min and let me know if that gives any problems.

    Use development version which fixes some probe = endstop issues.
  • Thanks that simply worked. I really appreciate the quick response. 
    I have one more question. Am planning to build a custom controller(LCD,encoder and SD), Can I use the Nokia 5110 LCD (RST,CE,DC,DIN,CLK)?

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