No Graphic Extruder output in V 1.6.1 and V 1.6.2

I am new here on this Forum.
I have no graphic output from the " Extruder Output "
It works good on release V 1.6.0.
But on release V 1.6.1 and V 1.6.2 there is nothing in the Temperature Extruder Output.
I use Marlin from Rich Cattel witch Megatronics V3 hardware.
The log from M105 =
ok T:200.0 /200.0 B:60.0 /60.0 T0:200.0 /200.0 @:22 B@:26
I have seen more people with the same problem on this forum.
But i can't find the solution for it.


  • The temperature output looks exactly like I would expect.

    In manual control and host bottom, do you see the right temperatures there or are the temperatures there also wrong?
  • Thanks for the replay.

    The temperatures of the extruder and bed in manual control and host bottom are correct.
    also the graphic temperatures  from extruder end bed are ok.
    and the Output Bed is also correct.
    The only thing I miss is the Output Extruder  ( power level  0 -100% )
  • Also on my old self-built 3D printer with a different version of Marlin,
    I have the same problem.
    version V 1.6.1  and  V1.6.2 has no graphical Output Extruder
  • Hello, I got exactly the same. (No Output Extruder  power level  0 -100%) on two different computer running win7 64bit with version 1.61 and 1.62. One with ATI 3000 graphic card and one with Intel HD.
    They were working OK with version 1.6.0. That is the only problem I found.

  • Ok, I see the problem
    ok T:200.0 /200.0 B:60.0 /60.0 T0:200.0 /200.0 @:22 B@:26

    this contains T0 so we assume a full set of data for extruder 0, but @0: is missing! @: means current extruder but gets overwritten by T0 which is more precise as we can update multiple extruders this way, but here it is missing output. 

    Can someone say how this would be for dual extruders with that firmware?

    For next host I have changed parser to parse @: if T0 is given. So at least active extruder gets correct output this way.
  • Glad you've found the problem.
    I have no dual extruder to test it for you.

    Thanks for the support
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