Bed not heating when using Curaengine

When I use Curaengine as slicer, the Bed is not heating. Bed temperature on the window bottom stays OFF.

The printing tasks never ends. The progress bar goes up to 50% and that is all. It stops there.

When using Slic3r the bed heats and the print tasks finishes as expected.

Do I need to add any setting to enable heating bed when using Cura ?


  • Yes, you need to add the proper code in the start gcode of your curaengine print configuration. There is button to add a default code, which enables extruder and heater as needed.
  • I, too, have the same problem, and the button to add default code puts in default code, all right, but that code doesn't work. It looks like it ought to work, but it doesn't. I also tried putting in the default start code from Slic3r, but that only works for Slic3r, not Cura. This is either a persistent bug in Repetier Host, or a bug in Cura slicer, or it's just a feature that is totally not easy to figure out. Any ideas how to narrow down the problem?
  • I hope you have something like
    {IF_BED}M190 S{BED}
    in your start gcode?

    This will use the hottest bed temperature set in the filament configuration you use. If this is 0 it will not add the line.
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    @Willbain, post your start code pls
    slic3r and cura start codes are not compatible to each over.

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