Command to show what is different from EEPROM and Configuration.h

I have an issue whereas I don't really know what I have changed in EEPROM vs. what is actually in the Configuration.h  I think it would be usefull to have a M### command that just reports the EEPROM values that are different than the Confiuration.h ones.  What do you think?


  • No, that is too much. eeprom is already complicated and big and this would add unnecessary code size while we already do not fit on smaller devices. You can restore eeprom from configuration.h using
    M502 ; Read
    M500 ; Store back data from ram

    Use host/server to backup old values in case you need them. Use server to see differences if you want like this
    - backup old eeprom
    - reset eeprom
    - open eeprom editor
    - upload old values to form
    - now you see marked fields that changed.

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