Printer running over Endstops

is it normal that the printer doesn't respect the (real) endstops when I dial manually? And what happened to the soft endstop setting? I used them on the min positions where my mendel90 doesn't have physical endstops. Used to have these settings in the manual sections in V92.4 but I get errors compiling with V92.9.


  • It is at least possible if always check endstops is disabled in configuration. If enabled it should not happen.

    Have you upgraded your configuration.h to 0.92.9?
  • Yes I upgraded, but you're right, the endstops are diesabled after homing. Makes sense.

    And what about the software endstops?
  • Software endstops work only for cartesian printers and use destination steps. So only after homing they have the full meaning, until then you can of course go further away as start coords are set wrong. You can disable it with G1 S1.
  • Yes I know, but I wonder why the software endstop options are missing in the configuration tool.
  • Next development update will get some improvements here. Will also add a block to prevent moves if not homed.
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