Extruder going too high while probing


Mendel90 with capacitive sensor and Repetier V92.9 from today. Z leveling set up with 3 point measure and 3x measuring at every point. Bed travel distance set to 5mm.

Let's say my extruder is at Z=60 after starting up the printer. I issue (with Octoprint) a G28 x y (printer homes X and Y. Then I issue G32 S2. The extruder goes to the right XY position for the first probe, goes down until probe light goes on. Then, my problem, the extruder goes up to the original height, goes down to measure, goes up to original position and so on. I understand that it should only go up 5mms to measure again, right?

What's wrong?

Cheers, Ralf


  • You need to home z first so it would go down. But it will not go up for G32. G32 probes from current z and if z is known it will make sure to start < z probe bed distance. If you start lower it will use that as probing height.

    Use dev version if you need to use z probe as z min endstop as well, also z max homing is still the prefered solution.
  • Ah, OK, I'll try that. So the right procedure would be e.g.

    G1 Z30
    G32 S2

  • Yes. Some might need a G1 X100 Y100 before G32 so activating probe is possible, but that depends on probe position and space required.
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