Upgrading from Marlin for improved auto-leveling, suggestions?

I like what I see about the autoleveling in RF, including the distortion map.  I have a inductive sensor as my z-probe on my i3.  So my questions are which branch should I use, and what is the best way to convert my Configuration.h from Marlin to RF?



  • Use development tree, it has some z probe fixes so most probably works best.

    Use our online configuration tool - that will update configuration.h automatically when things have changed. Manual configuration.h stays manual. Should be easy to find corresponsing values in marlin configuration.
  • Thanks,

    I pulled dev branch and have everything working.  But I have some questions.

    1) I started a G32, but tried to kill with a M112, but it didn't stop.  What should I use?

    2) When doing a G28, the Z probe part is happening at 0,0 which for my machine the probe is not on the bed. I figured this was ZHOME_X/Y_POS and set this to 100, but nothing changed.  What should I set?

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