End stop restarts udoo/radds


So i finally have started building my 3d printer, using udoo quad and radds 1.5. There is ofcourse some bugtesting to be done. And one of the problems im having now is that the udoo is restarting itself, when im activating MIN-Y and MAX-Y endstop.

Im using the reprap mechanical endstops:
Connected with 3 wires to the radds. I know there was something about only needing signal and gnd in the radds documention. But i figured you needed the last one to get the led to work. And for the X-Axis. they seem to work fine. Lighting up when i click it.

anyone have any idea why this is? :)


  • Udoo can configre pins to be handled by udoo or due part. My guess would be that they are configred for udoo part and that causes udoo to reset. But I have no experience with udoo, so just a guess.
  • Well i feel like a propper idiot now.... In all my haste i didnt realize that the 3 pin connector was 180 degrees wrong on those that made it reboot :<

    Thanks for the suggestion anyhoo :)
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