Re Position the new extruder to the bed

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I just fitted a Titan extruder and e3d v6 hotend to my printer, rather than have my stepper crashing into everything I used the stl's provided by them e3d for the prusa conversion and mirrored the files then redesigned the cooler fan that fixes to the rear of the extruder mount. Now the hot end is about 20mm off in Y axis and about 9mm approximately in X.
Can someone point me to how I can re set this to the new position and so when I go to the leveling auxiliary it doesn't do the first two level off the bed completely. 
The printer is a zonestar P802M prusa i3 clone running a melzi 3b board and 0.91repetier.
Some pics on my blog for reference if needed and


  • All fixed you can set these when conected directly with repetier host of octopi
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