Reprap Prusa I3 Z axis won't move down

Hi mates!

I'm having problems with the Z axis because won't move down just up, I'm trying everything, changing the firmware code, changing the motor trim
I'm was trying to set the end limits of the Z axis with Repetier software sending manually codes but when I hit the negative button of the manual control the Z axis won't move down just up and also in the cod lines appear this : gl_Paint-1.OpenGL error:InvalidValue every time I hit the negative button, but when I hit the positive the axis moves up normally
Hope some of you can help me with this



  • OpenGL error is not related.

    Check endstop status with M119. I think it is H when not triggered which prevents moves downwards. So you would need to invert the endstop signal.
  • @darwinFPV

    did the supplied answer help you? 

    i have the same issue, but with a geeetech g2s pro. 
    i've had is slightly diassambled for a while. as i broke a hot end. did some bearings mods and different hot ends and started using the newest repetier ands since then it won't move down. both up and down button on the z axis let it move up. until 1 (not all three) hits the stop end. 

    i tried checking the h119 but all stop ends for the x,y,z (max) axis work fine. and i don't seem to have a difference..

    but while i was typing this i realised that maybe the g2s version of h would be z-min. so although i have no use for it. i hooked it up and voila. problem fixed. 

    so thank you repetier for this answer!! 
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