can't access "Firmware EEPROM configuration"

hello!! i try to use repetier firmware for my 3d printer, but something wrong with firmware because i can't access firmware EEPROM configuration. before use repetier i use marlin firmware and it works, and i can access firmware EEPROM configuration. what would i do? i try to change EEPROM_MODE to 1 or 2 but it isn't work. please help me! thank you


  • The eeprom gets only visible if M115 response contains the word "repetier". So please check what M115 returns. Sometimes sending M115 manually also enables, but only when response on connect was not correct.
  • i  try it but it's not work. do you have any idea?
  • What does M115 return?
  • repetier host just say "1 command waiting" but nothing happen. what should i do? 
  • Then you are not really connected only connected to serial but unable to read/understand responses. That also explains that you can not access eeprom as anything else also does not work. Normally this is a wrong baudrate in printer setting. Try 115200 or 250000 which are the 2 most used rates.
  • i use the 2 most used rates baudrate, but it's not work
  • If you have lcd you can see baud rate in config->general. Otherwise upload with different eeprom mode and see what baud rate is set in configuration.h.
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