MKS-TFT28/32 on AUX1 - how to get com going?

I have a MKS-TFT28 from Makerbase ( attached to the AUX1 on a Megatronics 3.0 board. Loaded the Repetier firmware (version 0.92.9).
The TFT lights up and all menus are there, - but nothing is happening on the printer. Commands are not getting through...!?

Anyone who can tell me what config settings to make/change to get this touch screen working?

I have tried to set FEATURE_CONTROLLER to 11 (changed from 2) - but that does not seem to help.

Any ideas? - Anybody running this touchs screen with Repetier?


  • HI Morten,

    I installed mine to MKS base (Ramps base/ 'clone'). You need to set the TFT config base on the printer type and firmware type, flash it through the SD card. Just like their instruction said.
    On the repetier firmware, I set to "smartcontroller from reprapdiscount on a ramps or rumba board" (which I think doesn't matter).
    Everything work well, you can home and such through the LCD.

    BUT, for some reason it won't print well as stand a lone (running gcode from SD card instead a PC/host). It is heating up the nozzle and bed, but then stuck and doing nothing after it reach. One or two occasion, it does print the skirt but then stuck nothing nothing before even finish it.

    Asked MKS support, they said they could not fix it until now I send this message. Last chat, they said this is not their TFT issue! (so I assume they want to said the issue is in Repetier firmware)... duh... very frustrating.

  • I , im new in this forum , the post is old but i think the answer is usable ; 

    The MKS-TFT28 is not a display , is a controller for printers , you connect the MKS-TFT28 to the serial input of the printer , he acts like your PC , even can have wifi capacities.
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