Bed Height Map Crashes after few probes.

Hi Guys and Girls, I have just switched to Repetier after marlin.

When I follow the Video on Mapping the bed it starts probing ok and after 5 or so probes it just starts nocking into the bed,

During this time there is no color's displayed in the window and most time the bed mapping window disappears.

G32 and G29,28  all work fine

I am running windows 10, latest Repetier, Kossel mini, Ramps 1.4

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Pete


  • Typical prboblems here is if you do not start deep, YOu should run
    G1 Z5 F6000
    before starting height map. Could also be Z2 if your probe allows it.

    Also make sure the rectangle defined in bed height map is fully reachable. You can not go +/- radius - that would get you outside printable area causing head crash eventually.
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