'DIO64_DDR' was not declared in this scope

I am getting this error trying to compile the firmware 0.92.9 using Arduino IDE 1.6.9. What is wrong?

Full message from compile is too long to include. I have placed the messages at this URL


  • Your boad does not have the pins used for display - meaning there is no predefined pin configuration for your board/display combination and you have to set it yourself. Normally easiest way is to check ui.h for your display and just change pins to the one you used for connection.
  • Pardon my ignorance - I am not a programmer - how do I do that? I looked at the file and am not sure how or where to change the pins. I didn't find a section that seemed to apply to my motherboard 63 = Melzi V3. Here is the pin header:
  • It depends on your display you use. ui.h has a section for each supported display like


    Some have inside conditions for motherboards other not. There you see pin numbers defined for the pins on the display. So it depends on the display you use and where which cable is connected to your board. An other question might be if the pin header is compatible with the display meaning is 5V/gnd etc where it needs so you can put it on. Some are, others have mapping adapters or single pin connectors so you can do any combination you want.

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