Random positions x axe


When I do a home command for the x axe, the x axe travels home smoothly and stops on the x_max_stop. X position in the host gets black, reading 290.
I performed the following sequence: X home from the host (no G code) and than G1 X 145. This sequence was repeated several times. The result was random x positions of the printer head along the x axe.

I played with the x_steps_mm variable but no luck.
My calculated setting is x_steps_mm 88.9.

Can someone tel me what I have to configure to have a repeatable movement?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


  • The homing stops when endstop signals high. So first question would be is that always at the same position or not. If not you have cross talk on your x endstop and that stops it at different positions.

    An other reason might be loosing steps due to too high speed/acceleration.
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