Crash when userBased set to fals

I'm trying to get Repetier-Host running on multi-user environment. Running on Windows 10, Repetier-Host version 1.6.1.

When userBased is set to false in custom.ini, Repetier-Host crashes at start. Running Host as an admin it starts. So I'm guessing that when Host doesn't get write permission to the registry and/or some files it crashes at start?

How do I get past this problem? I cannot Host running as admin and need to have multiple users and have the same settings for all.



  • That is no official feature and was only a test if it works, and it didn't. It gives too many problems with read/write permissions. The only user independent solution will be Repetier-Server, which works as a background daemon so it is the same for all. Only thing it misses is the slicer which will follow end of year.
  • Thank you.

    Our IT doesn't want to have server running cause it's generally not acceptable to have server software running on the network. So unfortunately out of the question.

    And we need the slicer cause we have custom g-code at start. But guess we'll just have to store the settings somewhere and instruct users on how to load the settings.

    BTW, where does host store the defaults? If we could change those, it would be ok

  • Host has the working directory and settings stored in registry HKCU/Software/repetierHost where also the work directory is stored. But as I said since we write to work directory it is a permission problem to share the directory.

    Slicer profiles are all stored in files - CuraEngine in work directory->CuraEngine and SLic3r normally in $HOME/AppData/Roaming/Slic3r but that can be configured.
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