Extruder speed

I just did my first test print and I noted that the extruder feedrate is to high, you can tell because the extruder is making a "knocking sound" and the extruder retracts, I tried to change this
#define EXT0_MAX_FEEDRATE 30

but is not working, no matter what number I use the extruder moves at the same speed all the time.


  • What type of material are you printing and at what temperature? I had this problem with an aftermarket J-Head nozzle then bought an "official" J-Head and no longer see the problem.

    I can print PLA at 180 C.

    Hope this helps.
  • So do I, I'm just curious, I want to know how to change the extruder feedrate in case I use a different material such as ABS
  • The speed depends on the command you send for extrusion. There you change it with F parameter in G1. It does not depend on extruder settings in firmware. Firmware can only limit the speed.
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