Heated bed but no extruder

Hey guys im building a machine with no extruders, that will be applied separately, but with an heated bed.
So, i created a firmware, removing all the extruders keeping the heated bed.The problem is, that repetier-host, or even any other host wont find the heated bed thermistor temperature, while it apears on the LCD correctly.

what should i do?
best regards


  • Have you tried Repetier-Server as well. The server takes settings via M360 and if set it has a bed it shows it. It also allows better to log M105 responses (Enable ACK). There should be a B: parameter in M105 response. Host will only show bed if that is detected. If that is the case let me know and I check the host if it disables M105 when no extruder is available.
  • Hello,
    in repetier host with m105 nothing happens
    in repetier server, only shows the heated bed, but the temperature is always 0 C even though i heatead up till 45(showed in the lcd). With M360 i got this:
    9:48:24.544: Config:Baudrate:115200
    9:48:24.549: Config:InputBuffer:127
    9:48:24.549: Config:NumExtruder:0
    9:48:24.552: Config:MixingExtruder:0
    9:48:24.552: Config:HeatedBed:1
    9:48:24.557: Config:SDCard:1
    9:48:24.557: Config:Fan:1
    9:48:24.557: Config:Fan2:0
    9:48:24.561: Config:LCD:1
    9:48:24.561: Config:SoftwarePowerSwitch:1
    9:48:24.564: Config:XHomeDir:-1
    9:48:24.564: Config:YHomeDir:-1
    9:48:24.564: Config:ZHomeDir:-1
    9:48:24.568: Config:SupportG10G11:1
    9:48:24.572: Config:SupportLocalFilamentchange:1
    9:48:24.572: Config:CaseLights:0
    9:48:24.572: Config:ZProbe:0
    9:48:24.576: Config:Autolevel:1
    9:48:24.576: Config:EEPROM:1
    9:48:24.581: Config:PrintlineCache:16
    9:48:24.581: Config:JerkXY:20.00
    9:48:24.586: Config:JerkZ:0.30
    9:48:24.586: Config:RetractionLength:3.00
    9:48:24.590: Config:RetractionLongLength:13.00
    9:48:24.594: Config:RetractionSpeed:40.00
    9:48:24.594: Config:RetractionZLift:0.00
    9:48:24.599: Config:RetractionUndoExtraLength:0.00
    9:48:24.602: Config:RetractionUndoExtraLongLength:0.00
    9:48:24.607: Config:RetractionUndoSpeed:20.00
    9:48:24.607: Config:XMin:0.00
    9:48:24.607: Config:YMin:0.00
    9:48:24.610: Config:ZMin:0.00
    9:48:24.610: Config:XMax:200.00
    9:48:24.615: Config:YMax:200.00
    9:48:24.615: Config:ZMax:120.00
    9:48:24.615: Config:XSize:200.00
    9:48:24.619: Config:YSize:200.00
    9:48:24.619: Config:ZSize:120.00
    9:48:24.622: Config:XPrintAccel:1000.00
    9:48:24.622: Config:YPrintAccel:1000.00
    9:48:24.626: Config:ZPrintAccel:100.00
    9:48:24.630: Config:XTravelAccel:1000.00
    9:48:24.630: Config:YTravelAccel:1000.00
    9:48:24.634: Config:ZTravelAccel:100.00
    9:48:24.634: Config:PrinterType:Cartesian
    9:48:24.639: Config:MaxBedTemp:120
  • M105 is normally filtered and in host always filtered. But what does it look like in server? That would be the most interesting question here as that would show who is responsible for the error - firmware not sending bed temp when no extruders are present or host/server not parsing it in that condition.
  • 18:08:27.585: N87 M105
    18:08:28.588: N88 M105
    18:08:28.590: wait
    18:08:28.594: ok 88

    this is what i got in server..
  • Looks liek you need to log to file to see the answers. In server->printer menu->logs you can enable this and next print will log to file. There you see all communication unfiltered.
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