G92 Set position not shown on printer display


I use a lot of different nozzle sizes and configs on my 3d printer e3d V6 and volcano etc

instead of having multiple tries at setting Z axis length i bring the nozzle down to 0.6mm from build plate (feeler gauge) and then run G92 Z0.6 command

This works perfectly fine and changes Z axis value and prints work perfectly well.

The problem is that the change is not shown on the display of the printer. so for instance if i had to go to z-4.3 to actually get the nozzle to 0.6 from build plate the display will show Z-4.6 for the first layer instead of showing Z0.3 that the printer is actually printing at.

Do i potentially have any setting wrong to cause this behavior ?


  • No wrong setting. We are just showing absolut positions not relative koordinates. So G92 changes where G moves print but visible coordinates do not change.

    You might want to use bed coating to adjust to nozzle length. This gets done during homing and was meant to adjust to different bed heights but different nozzle heights is the same from the other side. That way you always start at z=0 and can still adjust.
  • Thank you for the response.

    Is there a way to set the display to relative coordinates? I have some prints where i am changing filament color at a certain Z height (in the gcode) and i usually keep an eye on z height (previously marlin) so i know if i need to stick around for 10 min to change the filament over if it is getting close to the height. I am no longer able to get that information off of the display if i have had to do some Z babysteps to adjust the first layer or used G92 to adjust z height for a different nozzle configuration.
  • You could rewrite that part in ui.cpp where z placeholder gets converted to remove offset.

    Also you should know that host/server support ;@pause host command to force a pause at a exact position. No guessing required. And last the coating thickness solution makes G92 unneeded so you also get right z.
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