Help aligning axis

So I have been working with a multi headed printer, the RoVa 3d, and i have not been able to align the Y axis.  I have gone into Config/Printer Settings/ Extruder, but whatever I change doesn't seem to affect the actual print.  

The image for the sliced print will look fine, and the print preview looks fine, but the actual output for the Y axis is about 3 mm off, the same direction no matter what I adjust for in Config/Printer Settings/ Extruder.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


  • That parameter does not changed print. It is for perfect preview if you have set offsets in slicer.

    If you use repetier-firmware set offsets in slicer/host to 0 and change them in eeprom (offset X/Y/Z) to have any effect.
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