Repetier firmware tool confusing

"X, Y, Z axis stepper motor" I have a Delta and this got very confusing, should all of them have same values? I did selected "rostock,  kossel" But the Z axis has different values if you look at X, Y


  • You only need to set driver socket, enable and direction for all, resolution/acceleration is taken from z motor for all for deltas.
  • The configuration tool output is not correct for the delta - v.0.92.9 Some where this broke going from 0.92 to 0.92.9. I think.

    I had to manually edit to make the Z values the same as the XY on axis stepper motion and also two other areas which listed amounts the axis move. I think it was homing bounce and position.
  • Manuall edits are discarded on next upload, that is no error. Config tool uses the value from json comment at the end.
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