Please help with q3d settings!

Hi everyone, my name is Tom. The other day I was super excited when I saw q3d oneup 3d printer in a store near my house. As low budget as I am, this printer was like a gift from God!

However, when I brought it home, I failed to make it work. I carefully follow online instructions and managed to complete mechanical parts. But when I finished wiring, started connecting the printer to PC via USB cable and launched Repetier host, the green LED light turn on but it kept sending out the message "no start signal detected - forcing start" then "communication timeout reset send buffer block". 

I tried to change baud rate from the lowest to the highest. The same problem occurred again. Even though I downgrade receive cache from 127 to 63 or Send emergency command dtr high--low

I do notice that when I change baud rate to 250000, another error message came out :"Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. (Temperature is reset. Set it after restarting)". . At first I thought the thermistor was defective, but I read on the internet and people said thermistor was rarely damaged. Additionally,with other baud rate, it was connected but again "no start signal" nightmare came out instead

I was freaking frustrated that I wanted to kill off myself, no kidding. Then I disassembled everything and I just realized that Repetier has a forum. Then I assembled the RAMs and power supply again.

Please take a look at the pictures I included and kindly tell me if I did wiring correctly. As a newbie as I am, I have no idea what was the extruder heater, thermistor since the intruction from q3d only has diagram, no real photo. I don't even know how to see eeprom settings since it keeps grey out.

Assuming my wiring was correct, please tell me how to fix the proble  with "no signal" and/ or "commucation timeout" or m99 error message. Please kindly give me any advice you could think of. I do beg of you. Please save this sorry life of mine. Thank you ever so much!!!!

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