G33 correction grid z-offset

Hi Forum members!

I have a Geeetech G2S pro (delta printer) with repetier 0.92.9 and I am trying to get the auto leveling and distortion correction working.

I have it working to were it levels the bed (using G32 in grid mode) nicely. I determine this with the paper test at the center. I assume this means that I have a pretty good Z_PROBE_HEIGHT defined.

However, when I run the G33 command the resulting z-correction values are not close to zero. They are all around -1.5. This means that the print head slams into the print bed at z=0. 

Is there some z-offset value for G33 that I should be tweaking? I thought that once I had the Z_PROBE_HEIGHT calibrated it would apply to both G32 and G33.


  • Yes, Z_PROBE_HEIGHT applies to all probe heights, which is why it is so important that it is defined correctly. Make sure G33 runs only after height is set correctly through homing or directly after G32. In that case you should see z heights around the value of G32 measured heights.
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