Marlin to Repetier Firmware convert

I am very new to RepRap machines and it's very hard to me to set them up. i'v tried the Repetier config tool but some of the config options i see, i have no clue how to find or measure. 

So is there someone who can check these two config files and maybe make a Repetier Firmware out of it and upload somewhere that works for me and everyone else who bought this setup?

Marlin Firmware (Default config from factory, except "MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS 283.11")

Repetier, Almost done Config.h

it's this printer
And it has 4 Endstops, one on the effector for Auto leveling and that's what i'm after in the Repetier firmware!


  • Trin,

    Have you figured out your printer?
  • Looks like both are Repetier files. Read line 33 - 35. I compared the files in Notepad++ and noticed you changed the board type and adjusted a few length turned off distortion correction and changed feature controller.
    Does a G31 return the correct responses activated/unactivated? Could be the pin assigned, pullup, on_high settings. There is a good tutorial on bed levelling on the  site.

    Just saw this post.
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