[Linux V1.6.1] Freeze bug after 3rd print to server

Some strange bug, but fully reproducible.
When you send GCODE to server start printing, first 2 times everything is ok.
Third time (after those two finishes) Repetier-host freezes when you push Print button (to send gcode to server).
No upload attempt could be found on Repetier Server log.

Killing Repetier-host is only way to recover.


  • You mean starting the print with print without prior uploading? Will try if I can reproduce it.
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    Three models:
    - slice first with Repetier-host 
    - Print button to send to Repetier-server 
    - everything OK
    - when it is done
    - slice second
    - Print to Repetier-server
    - everything ok
    - when it is done
    - slice third
    - Print button freeze Repetier-host
    - Nothing happens at Repetier-server
  • You say no and then say what I meant, or so I understand.

    To clarify - you can hit the print button in preview to print directly. 

    Alternatively you can upload model to server and then select the model and print.

    As I understand you, you used the first method. Hope it also happens on windows. Can not debug in linux. Even compile linux version in windows.
  • I have the same problem. RepetierHost 2.0.0 + RepetierServer Pro 0.80.3
    The 3rd time repetierHost tries to upload to repetierServer it hangs. It does not matter if I click "print" or "Save to Server"

    The simplest way to reproduce this problem is:
    • Load model
    • Slice model (I use slic3r)
    • "Save to Server" + "Save" button
    • "Save to Server" + "Save" button
    • "Save to Server" + "Save" button    <-    Here the repetierHost hangs for about a minute, then crashes with "System.Net.WebException: The request timed out"
    The bug has persisted across updating RepetierHost from 1.6.2 to 2.0.0, repetierServer from 0.75 to 0.80.3, upgrading Mono on linux, and upgrading Linux itself (Fedora linux 25).

    I can see with wireshark network sniffer that repetierHost doesn't create a tcp connection the 3rd time it tries to upload so I guess it crashes before reaching that part of the code.

    If you can make a version with some debug messages enabled around the "upload" part of the code I'll be happy to run it under linux and send you the test results.

    The full error log I get when it crashes is this:
    System.Net.WebException: The request timed out
      at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream () [0x00056] in <5641e4edad4f4464ba58c620a7b8ea48>:0
      at RepetierServerConnector.ServerConnector.HttpUploadFile (System.String url, System.String file, System.String paramName, System.String contentType, System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection nvc) [0x000a3] in <dfa0c380f0af4f54a7c4310f536fd260>:0
      at RepetierServerConnector.RSSaveGCode.buttonSave_Click (System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e) [0x0009a] in <dfa0c380f0af4f54a7c4310f536fd260>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick (System.EventArgs e) [0x0001c] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick (System.EventArgs e) [0x00024] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.OnMouseUp (System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs mevent) [0x00081] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp (System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs mevent) [0x00000] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmLButtonUp (System.Windows.Forms.Message& m) [0x0007e] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc (System.Windows.Forms.Message& m) [0x0016f] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc (System.Windows.Forms.Message& m) [0x0004e] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc (System.Windows.Forms.Message& m) [0x00000] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Control+ControlWindowTarget.OnMessage (System.Windows.Forms.Message& m) [0x00000] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.Control+ControlNativeWindow.WndProc (System.Windows.Forms.Message& m) [0x0000b] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
      at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.WndProc (System.IntPtr hWnd, System.Windows.Forms.Msg msg, System.IntPtr wParam, System.IntPtr lParam) [0x0008e] in <e37081a3704b4473a59cdf5048ad96bc>:0
    5/2/2017 3:12:02 PM|Error|WebSocket.set_WaitTime|This operation isn't available in: open
    5/2/2017 3:12:02 PM|Fatal|<>c__DisplayClass17.<startReceiving>b__16|WebSocketSharp.WebSocketException: The header of a frame cannot be read from the stream.
                                at WebSocketSharp.WebSocketFrame.processHeader (System.Byte[] header) [0x00017] in <38d3cef14c5a4fc9a92de0991034bc1a>:0
                                at WebSocketSharp.WebSocketFrame+<>c__DisplayClassa.<readHeaderAsync>b__9 (System.Byte[] bytes) [0x00000] in <38d3cef14c5a4fc9a92de0991034bc1a>:0
                                at WebSocketSharp.Ext+<>c__DisplayClass9.<ReadBytesAsync>b__8 (System.IAsyncResult ar) [0x000a2] in <38d3cef14c5a4fc9a92de0991034bc1a>:0

    Richard Jørgensen
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