Moving Z when starting a print.


I'm trying to modify my "old" Weistek WT200 printer to a "Repetier" printer. For that I bought a Arduino mega + Ramps 1.4.

So I started firmware configuration, my axis are correctly homed, step by mm is set, and extruder/thermistor work.

My Z axis is homed at the bottom of my printer, so I looking for the parameter where I can tell to my printer "move up to 140 mm" for the first layer of my print.

I do not have max Z sensor / auto-leveling system.

Thank you :)


  • But you have a z min endstop then?
    Otherwise it always gets ugly. Any G28 might cause problems.

    Anyway you could use
    G92 Z0
    to tell firmware you are at z=0 and then move. Ignore what host shows as it shows absolute coordinates and if you moved before it assumes z=0 at connect until you do a real home z. You can fake it with @isathome so host also thinks you are at home position.
  • Thank you for your answer

    Yes I have a Z min endstop, so when I start a print my bed should go to home position (Z=0) --> move up to ~140mm. 

    Then each layer my bed should go down

  • What you call z min endstop is a zmax endstop!

    z min is when bed is touching nozzle, z max is when distance is maximum.

    So please configure your printer for z max endstop and calibrate z length to G0 Z0 touches bed. Be carefull if you do not exactly the length. z length too large will crash bed into nozzle.
  • Oh okay, I will do that !

    Thank you for your help :)
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