Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.

Strange problem occurred after 7h long print that stopped near it finish.
After rebooting printer, I could resume (by substructing printed Gcode) printing normally  . 

This happened on Arduino Mega, 0.9.2 Repetier Firmware from trunk snapshot 5.3.2016.

< 15:18:18.926: N181329 M117 ETA 15:35:54 day 19
> 15:18:19.044: ok 50252
< 15:18:19.047: N181330 G1 X52.122 Y41.344 E5869.96750
> 15:18:19.344: ok 50253
< 15:18:19.345: N181331 G1 X52.416 Y40.838 E5869.99085
> 15:18:19.346: ok 50254
< 15:18:19.346: N181332 G1 X52.756 Y40.035 E5870.02566
> 15:18:19.347: ok 50255
< 15:18:19.347: N181333 G1 X52.920 Y39.500 E5870.04799
> 15:18:50.358: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
> 15:18:50.358: Connection status: Buffered:125, Manual Commands: 2, Job Commands: 5000
> 15:18:50.358: Buffer used:125 Enforced free byte:19 lines stored:6
< 15:18:50.360: N181334 M117 ETE 00:17:36
< 15:18:50.374: N181335 M105

USB connection is between Arduino and Alix based Repetier Server.
Any idea, what could caused this issue ?


  • Assuming you do not have wait disabled, there is no data exchange any more between Alix and Printer, otherwise you would get a "Wait" after a second. In that case you need to disconnect USB or somehow else reinitialize USB connection to get it working again. I think this is the printer usb converter getting into trouble, but that is hard to prove.
  • Just had this happen on my two printers at roughly same % of print. I can pause and move the printer but I can't resume the print. I'm stuck on two 30 hour prints that paused at the same %, the strange thing is that they didn't pause at the same time, one paused in the night, and the other in the morning while I was trying to correct this!.

    Any Ideas?
  • If the server says print is finished and issued the message, the gcode was simply not complete. If you have uploaded the file to models you should be able to see this. The preview is not rendered till the top you expect and in gcode preview you will also see that the top is not where expected then. Have heard about users uploading the file before slicer was finished with saving, so server never saw the complete code. Maybe that happened?
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