New Feature Request ? Or is implemented

Hi I am doing a prospection about dual extruders. 
Looks like the main trouble is calibrating de two extruders in heigh in order to avoid scratches. So oozing is another problem.
My main interest is using an extruder for filament and another for support. Nylon and PLA for support.
So googleing have seen this solution, 
I was wondering if Repetier is able to support this mode of working or maybe support it  in a short future.

Looks like resolve some issues with dual extruders.



  • We call it dual axis and it is supported in development branch. It is even able to change z height if the extruders have different heights.
  • Hi I have tried development branch config tool, but I don´t see the full configuration for X1 Axis. 
    I am naming "X1 axis" to axis X driving extruder 1 or Tool 1

    In short :
    1) I am using Repetier-Firmware version 1.0.0 dev

    2) Mechanics --> X axis stepper motor -> Select Dual X Axis (0=ext 0, 1=ext1)
        Mirror/Dual stepper socket  ?????  How fill this field?  It is the new extruder (ext1) asociated to X1 axis or the name of the stepper socket in order to define stepper motor for X1. I supposed is the extruder drived for X1. So i writed Extruder 1

    3) Homing.  I suppose i have to define Xmin,Ymin,Zmin and Xmax for homing X1. I am using the logic applied in Marlin RC.6 to do work dual X independent Axis.

    4) Tools Extruder
    Add extruder ---> Add Extruder 1. In E1 config X offset ??? How many the distance until park E1 or what.

    5) Feactures ---> Extra Motor driver. Stepper. Enable Pin 57, step Pin1, direction Pin 0. ---> This is Stepper 1 to drive E1

    So How do you link extruder 1 to stepper X1 ? 
    How is it done X1 home ? I have done link betweeen Xmax for homing X1.

    Last question I suppose bump map functionality will be working althought I use X-Dual .

    Thanks In advanced

  • 2) it is the motor socket that drives the right extruder.
    3) I don't know marlin solution. In repetier you think where your 0 position on bed is and set x offset of both extruder as distance parking position - 0 with left extruder having negative sign. Homing will put both extruders near endstop.
    Newest release from now has a extra parameter you can set in manual settings

    #define LAZY_DUAL_X_AXIS 1

    that will leave extruders in park position after homing and lazily move them out when needed with next G move.

    Extruder 1 is automatically linked to second x axis as you have said you have a dual x axis.

    x max is used for X1 as endstop if it works correctly. 

    Yes, I think bump mal should still work. Just make sure the extruder with z sensor is active when you do any z probing.

  • Thanks a lot of.
    I think i must do a proof of concept and ask again with the first results.

    Best Regards
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