uploading config.h and json string.

Have I got this right?
If I make a few changes directly to the firmware then they will not show if I upload to the online configuration tool, unless I also edit the string at the end of config.h
If seems very complicated if this is the case as I shall (and have) forgotten to also change the string.
Is there anything to 'run' on the config.h that will correct the end string according to the main changes?

Im sure I have missed something and its more simple than this.


  • You got it right. The C++ part is unparsable for the config tool, which is why it stores it's data in the json string at the end. So after reuploading it will only take the json part. You should therefore always do changes in config tool!
  • OK thats a shame as I got used to using the old type with all the comment lines. Still cant stop myself making instant changes especially as my internet connection here is intermittent.
    Even the JSON names are a bit different to the main text so a search often fails to find the correct parameter.

    Is the latest version available with the full comment lines?
  • On github you still have the old style with comments. But then you have find which changes were made between versions, which does the config tool for you automatically.
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