One Click run from SD card

Hi I was hopping to get some help on a project of mine. I have a Felix 2.0 printer with SD card support, screen and push turn button which
are configured and functional with firmware 0.922. Im trying to find a way to have the firmware after boot directly go to the SD card root with no selecting of menu's and with one click run the only gcode I have on the SD Card.

So far I experimenting with modifying the uimenu.h and got it to 3 clicks to start running the gcode, but I really want to eliminate my screen menu's and just click once. My Programming skills are not good enough to know how to modify the code to have the .gcode in the Top menu ready to click. 
Help Please! 


  • I guess you want to store a file and print it as easily as possible, So one solution is save it as "init.g". That gets executed as soon as you mount sd card. So if you had it in your pc automount will do it and on startup it will also get started. So if you want it executed have card inserted, otherwise not inserted,
  • I will try the init.g to see how that works thanks, but I think my SD card slot will not last for too long doing this too many times.
    Could some integration of M21 M22 help, but again how would I start repeat a 2nd run without removing the sd card?

    The push button execution would be a more elegant way if I would know how. Im also thinking to run the same gcode more than once at a later time after the part is finished. I'm really not interested what the screen show as long the click executes the gcode run every time after completion,

  • For a second print you would need to start it like any other print.

    It is not easy to start simply the first print. You need to read directory select first for printing then. And put this on a menu entry but you will always at least need 2 clicks to go to menu and select first menu item. Not sure if the 5 seconds you spare are worth all the trouble.
  • Ok I get it too much code changes.

    What about selecting the 1st run with the menu's but not returning after executing to the top menu, would that be possible? With other words, after I selected the file the screen would not return to top menu and stay on the selected gcode for multiple runs with one click, for a different gcode I would turn the printer off load the file on the sd card and select the gcode with the menu's only for the first time after that one click multi times????

  • You could set autoreturn to main menu to 2000000000 millisconds. Then it would return only after 10 days. At least if it does not return from selecting a print.
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