After calibrating towers

I get a huge lag of 20 mm between z and x, y


  • What did you do? 
  • delta RADDS driver stepper 128 nema 17 400 steps
    Z length 572
    Horizontal radius when centered 187.38
    Max. horizontal radius 110
    Correction radius 70

    X,Y,Z axis stepper motor
    Resolution 1280

    firmware 0.92.9

    G1 Z150
    M99 X0  (calibration rod)
    M99 Y0  (calibration rod)
    M99 Z0 (calibration rod)
    G132 S1
  • M502 makes only sense if you store the overridden data with M500 afterwards.

    Your seconds M131 is too much, but should do nothing.

    After that G28 should have them on same height, so
    G1 Z150

    should have all rods match same height as measured with rod, right?

  • error

    G1 Z150
    M99 X0
    M99 Y0
    M99 Z0
    G132 S1

    "should have all rods match same height as measured with rod, right?" ??? right

  • Good to hear it is working now:-)
  • I despair
    always the  problem with version 0.92

    no problem  version 0.91 
  • But what is your problem at all? You said height match with my test so that part is working. So what is not working?
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  • Does your extruder have a offset in xy? Looks like it from the video so that is ok. You should go more down after homing to make sure the left endstop is not hit when selecting the extruder. I always set z back on home to 50mm. Printing in top height is nearly impossible as objects must have very small size and be exactly at center to be printable.
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    toujour the same bad calibration problem
    10 mm plate
    more than 5 mm gap endstop sur x, y

    g1 z10
    m99 x, y, z
    g132 s1

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     i position the endstop perfectly equal to the plate

    G132 S1
    g32 S2 G33

    perfect impression tray test

    where does the calibration problem of the plate 10 mm

  • Distance to endstops after homing must not be the same. That depends on your printer geometry and hall sensor sensitivity. As long as my test G28 G1 Z100, G131 works everything is fine and you can start calibrating the printer. Till G132 you have only calibrated homing position.

    what is "perfect impression tray test"

    what does "where does the calibration problem of the plate 10 mm" mean? I guess you have not calibrated geometry but without information I can not say.
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    I am sorry my English
    not explain well

    why the same configuration
    works perfectly 0.91 and not with 0.92
    except G33 for 0.91

    for me it is the g131et 132 g S1 does not work in 0.92
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