Z axis speed

Hi. I cant find the setting to control this behaviour:

When I start a print, firts the heated bed starts heating, when it reachs the temp, then a homeing of all axis is triggered_ first X then Y and Z the last.
When it is turn of Z to home, it starts going down till reaches the cero position, then goes up and down again slowly, and here it comes what I want to modify: it goes up very quick for a waiting position till the extruder heats up. I want to slow down this last movement. This movement speed appeared when I upgraded to 092 (from 0.90) and for some reason this fast movement makes a horrible noise in my stepper motors and definitly they dont like such a speed.
Can you tell me where in the formware this speed is set?
Thanks in advance



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    repetier firmware

    Z axis stepper motor

    Max travel speed 2 (
    #define MAX_FEEDRATE_Z)
    Homing speed 2 (#define HOMING_FEEDRATE_Z)
    travel acceleration 100 (#define MAX_TRAVEL_ACCELERATION_UNITS_PER_SQ_SECOND_Z)
    print acceleration 100 (#define MAX_ACCELERATION_UNITS_PER_SQ_SECOND_Z)

    repetier host

    configure printer
    max speed Z axis 100

  • Ok... I trid that: actual value is 5. If I set it to 4 is still quick.. if set to 3, both motors jam... 2 works ok but it somehow slow...
    Any suggestion? something related to the pololu/power?
    why the step motors jam at speed 3 but they work at speed 5 (despite that at 5 and 4, there is a weird sound comeing out of the motors...)

    thnaks in advance
  • Weird sound is often loosing steps. 3 blocking and 4 and 5 working is a strange thing, wouldn't expect this unless you just had luck with 4 and 5. Make sure z is not having unnecessary friction. It might also work for some positions especially if z rods are not 100% linear. Then friction changes over height.
  • repetier host 1.6.2
    config printer settings
    Travel feed rate 3500 [mm/min]
    Z-Axis Feed Rate 3500 [mm/min]
    works for me
  • 3500 is a very high z speed! Some rod based Z axis can not go over 120 while others can handle 600. 
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