can repetier echo the gcode line number

edited May 2016 in General
currently the information window in Repetier echoes the layer that is being printed.  Can it echo the actual gcode line number?  The reason I ask is that if I have an air print issue and I catch it earlier enough I might be able to  determine where in the code it failed.  I could then edit the gcode to restart the print at the location where I believe it to have failed.  If there is a better way I would sure like to hear about it.  

Air Printing was a "big" problem when I first started out but now I seems to have a handle on it.   But I ask anyway.  


  • If you log to file you see the complete communication. But you should know that the line numbers in gcode are not line numbers in your gcode. Bus as you see full communication you should still be able to identify the place where it started going wrong.
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