free EEPROM memory locations

Hi, I'm not sure if this topic is best put here, but I wanted to know what eeprom memory addresses are currently free in repetier .92. I am asking because I need to program a function(s) for my printer's z probing method.

See, I am using FSRs and a potentiometer attached to the z min endstop pin for the z probing and autoleveling, however the FSRs i am using aren't close enough in sensitivity to the bed to get it to trigger accurately. i want to attach each fsr to a min endstop pin, then modify a new eeprom saved value to compare to the ADC on each pin to make sure they are all triggered equally. To save these new values I need to know what memory addresses are still available in repetier.

I know M206 brings up a white list of various user configurable eeprom values, but I know there are more that aren't on the white list.


  • You see the used addresses in eeprom.h. Currently the end is here

    #define EPR_TOUCHSCREEN           946 // - 975 = 30 byte for touchscreen calibration data

    // Axis compensation
    #define EPR_AXISCOMP_TANXY 976
    #define EPR_AXISCOMP_TANYZ 980
    #define EPR_AXISCOMP_TANXZ 984


    plus from 2048 onwards is used for bump map.

    Your bigge rproblem is that you can not simply use the adc since it is interrupt bound for temperature reading. So using the adc call in between is not allowed and also is too slow for z probing if included in adc loop.

    A better solution is to have a poti for each fsr to calibrate them to give proper digital signals. There are already schamics for this in the internet.
  • Unfortunately my googlefu is weak. Where are these schematics for wiring a potentiometer to each FSR?
  • I have them not stored. I only know I have seen them on internet. You might look at this video

    how he does it.
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