Question regarding X_MAX_LENGTH, Y_MAX_LENGTH, and Configurator 092


I am making a config file for a Mini Kossel using the configurator.   It sets Z_MAX_LENGTH but does not set X_MAX_LENGTH or Y_MAX_LENGTH, they are set to 0.     Should X_MAX_LENGTH and Y_MAX_LENGTH be set to the same as Z_MAX_LENGTH for a Delta type printer?

Sorry if this is a known bug.


  • No, XY means the bed and that is set with the radius parts of delta printers. So only Z length = distance bed->nozzle when homed is important.
  • Got it. I will reset X_MAX_LENGTH and Y_MAX_LENGTH back to 0.
    I look at new configuration.g and they are set to 
    #define X_MAX_LENGTH 297
    #define Y_MAX_LENGTH 210
    #define Z_MAX_LENGTH 200

    I will leave them as-is.

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