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 Today I received a new LCD, which has kyrillic charset. I tried to translate words through LiquidCrystalRus.h. Translation is done, but everything on the screen moved and not correctly displayed. I think that I need somewhere to finish. Help me please, and I'll do the exact translation in firmware.

Here's what I changed
#include <LiquidCrystalRus.h> // Uncomment this if you are using liquid crystal library

// Use LiquidCrystal library instead
#include <LiquidCrystalRus.h>


  • Having a look into the library I saw that is uses utf-8 encoded strings. The firmware is of course not utf-8 aware, so I guess that shifts could come from this. More over the line size reserved may be too short since it reserves 1 byte per display char.

    So I guess you would need to set display colums e.g. to 40 to have enough space, but I guess it will give some other errors. Hard to say since I do not see what you see. Final solution must be to have a utf-8 flag to change position counting for these displays while pushing the rows in addition to double column width reserved.
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  • Let me send it to your own address  LCD, as a gift))
  • Ok, it is in deed as I thought. For a 20 column row the firmware sends 20 chars to overwrite it. Now some of these are utf-8 encoded, so after 20 chars the end is not reached and the rest does not get deleted as a result. Not really sure what the translation list does in addition to this.

    You can send it to the address in about on our homepage. Does the display have a connector for a board I have like RAMPS or RUMBA so I can test it easily?
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