Rumba goes crazy after a few lines.

Moved over from Marlin which I had working pretty good. I've been struggling with Repetier. Seems when I would use the config tool on the website it would not download correctly, leaving out a lot of the settings. I finally got it worked out and printed a test cube at the correct size. I have not been able to get my fsr bed leveling to work but that's another issue. Right now it seems that after a few secs of printing from sdcard the print goes completely bonkers. Trying to print 10mm off bedd and way off center... Any ideas. 


  • Heres a video if it.

  • No can't say what goes wrong. Looks like it is misunderstanding some gcodes.

    Does is also happen from serial? There you could at least enable echo to see what it is executing so you know what firmware thinks it is doing. Only when knowing what firmware thinks you will understand fully.
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