Help, please

I have bought this printer:

I was trying to uprade the printer to auto level, asked the seller for a new firmware that suported autolevel he as sent me this:

Due to a problem whit the usb chip i could not upload the firmware, so i decided to have replaced the melzi with a ramps kit
(Ramps 1.4 Kit + Mega 2560 r3 + 5x a4988 + LCD 2004 Display)

Needless to say that i don't know much (to sai the least) about programing.

Now i have received the ramps 1.4 board.

Made all the conections, and it seams ok.

But i can't managed to get the firmware right, tried to get from repetier site with configuration tool but i get to many error, for my compreension. when compiling (tried with both 1.6 and 1.0 versions of arduino)

Can someone please send me the firmware to upload to ramps
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