are tb68650 stepper drivers supported?

are these drivers supported with their special timing requirements?


  • i meant TB6560
  • You can set STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY and double step delay, so you can adjust to your stepper needs as long as they need enable/dir/step signal. In config tool you need to enable advanced mode to see the timing fields.
  • if i find the right values can my board be added as a selection in the drop down? if its not allready there
  • Is this a sold board?
    Boards do not contain timing data, so the extra delays are not set by selecting the board. 
  • of course its a sold one, but if the timing data are not set by selecting the board it does not matter
  • On esolution is to offer the config tool Configuration.h as a starting point. That would have set the timings correctly for users to start.
  • good point :-D
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