Diamond Hotend (3 extruder) and Repetier firmware

I just bought the diamond hotend to gain some multicolor printing experience. It is installed on a MendelMax 1.5-style printer.


As for the extruders I'm using three NEMA14 geared mini extruders (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:153356) which work quite fine. The filament feed is done by three bowden cables.
I decided to use the Repetier Firmware (now: V 0.92.9) because of the advanced support of multiextruder / one hotend combination and the excellent host software which I use since 2013.

The printer is just finished and I made only a handfull of test prints. But by now everything works great and I only go a problem with the new implemented decoupling feature (hotend and heatbed were shut down - printing was stopped) which I dectivated first.


  • Look at the log message. It says in which stage it triggers and the time. Normally you just need to modify timings to your hardware. Since it triggered I think the mass of triple extruder is slower and needs longer decoupling timings.
  • Hello, I also use diamond hotend with repetier. Is there any way to clean the extruder everytime I change color during printing? 
    I am thinking about extrude some filament to other place before changing the color. Can I do that automatically?
  • Some slicers have a prime pillar option that does exactly that. Firmware can not do that.
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